Orthodontic Techniques


Transparent, Removable, Comfortable..

Your Invisalign treatment is composed of nearly invisible, removable, serial aligners.  You can replace these aligners with the next series biweekly. Each aligner is designed special for you and just for your teeth, when you replace each aligner, your teeth move little by little each week, until they reach their final position, which determined by your doctor. This transparent teeth straightener, which is popularly known as transparent dental braces, provides easy and aesthetically pleasing solution. They are nearly invisible and their removal is extremely easy. While using this technology, computer program can show you the changes on your status before you started the treatment, during the treatment and after the treatment, which provides you to feel comfortable from the first place.

Is It Suitable For Me?

You can remove transparent straightener at any time you want. When you go to a wedding, an important meeting, you can remove it. Then, with re-plugging them you can continue your life without disrupting your treatment. Use of the transparent straightener is very easy. While eating, brushing your teeth or using flossing, you can remove them and after your work is done you can put them in.

If you're ready for a smile that will change your appearance, the answer is Invisalign.  Although there are many options around, they are not as comfortably useful as Invisalign treatment. Invisalign is the best way to change your smile without interrupting your daily life.

What is the price of Invisalign?

We know, how important the price for you. Since each person's situation is unique, total treatment price is also variable depending on the person. We will expect you to our clinic in order to identify the treatment, which is necessary for you, and reveal the price with treatment plan. We can easily determine the price of your treatment by free examination.
The secret is in your smile.

It's true. What you believe in the past does not matter; now, gleaming smile is very close to you. Then, when you think you will see that fixing your smile is an investment to yourself.




They are popularly known as transparent braces, they are very aesthetic because of their transparency. Adult patients especially prefer it, and ceramic braces are great alternative for the patients who have aesthetic concerns. For ceramic braces users, oral hygiene is much more important.


Lingual treatment is orthodontic treatment system applied by placing the inner surface of teeth, which is unclear from outside. It is an aesthetical method and its treatment duration is longer, since the bracket is located on tongue, it can cause speech disorders and injuries on tongue.



It is widely used in orthodontic treatment and it is the most classic type of bracket. For this purpose, stainless steel wires and wires which are fabricated from nickel - titanium alloy are used.



In covered bracket system, instead of tire, which provides bracket that sticks to teeth and orthodontic brace to hold together, bracket itself was produced in a structure having a metal closure.

Advantages of this modern system are as follows:

1- Because orthodontic bracket and the cover in bracket are made of metal, the friction will be minimum and all force, which applies, will reach to the teeth.
As a result, treatment time would be further accelerated. (E.g., due to the friction on rubber and metal, 5 forces applied to the teeth in classical system, the teeth affected from only half of it.)
2- Once a month controls may be set to be 1.5 months.
3- There will be experience of more comfortable treatment process.