Jaw Surgery

Orthognathic Surgery (Jaw Surgery) What is it?

Orthognathic surgery; which in Greek means to correct in the sense that gnatos Ortos and jaw consists of a combination of the words. Chin correction can be expressed as. Orthognathic surgery, facial correction of disorders of skeletal and dental structures, in order to restore proper anatomic and functional relationship is applied.


The lower jaw is in the future, The lower jaw is behind, The upper jaw is the future, Is behind the upper jaw, Facial asymmetry, Upper jaw teeth appear overly.

The first step in orthognathic surgery, orthodontic treatment, dental reference is to ensure optimum positioning of the jaw. While after orthodontic treatment by surgery of the jaws face each other and are provided to be suitable.

Orthognathic surgery, the patients many benefits, both aesthetically and functionally is a treatment method that allows. The upper and lower jaw is positioned improperly, eating, chewing, speaking in such situations leads to problems. In addition, disorders of the jaw joint problems as experienced in the digestive tract can lead to many diseases. Orthodontic specialists, all of which apply to orthognathic surgery necessary to bring a lasting and successful solutions.